Video transcription

Hi, I'm Allison from ImagiKnit in San Francisco and I want to talk to you about knitting a baby blanket. The average size for a baby blanket is two feet by three feet. And the thicker the yarn that you choose, the faster, you're going to have your baby blanket finished. You definitely want to consider what type of yarn to use. If you really want the recipient to be able to use the baby blanket, you should make sure that the machine is machine washable if not machine dry able as well. Here I have a few examples. If you are a new knitter, you might just want to do the knit stitch only for your entire baby blanket. If you have a little bit more practice, you can go ahead and do something like this, which is knitting a row, pearling a row, and then just doing knit all rows along the edge. So all of these are just knitted and this is knits and pearls here in the middle. If you'd like to use a fuzzy yarn like this, many are made machine washable these days. And you should just do the knit stitch here because there's no reason to do anything fancy with knits and pearls combined because you won't be able to see the stitch pattern. On this blanket, we've used two strands of yarn to knit at the same time, that way we were able to use a larger knitting needle and complete the project much more quickly. On this one, we have plenty of time, so we choose to use a much smaller yarn, smaller needle, and made numerous squares with a little heart pattern and then we sewed all the squares together. When choosing the yarn for your baby blanket, make sure to avoid fibers that will shed. Those will get in the baby's mouth and eyes. Those fibers include mohair, angora, and alpaca.