Video transcription

Now, we're going to address problems that you could have with your treadmill. First of all, you want to make sure when you start, that you're starting with your legs on each side of the treadmill. Then you're going to hit the quick start. The treadmill will move at a constant, steady, workable pace. You also want to make sure you have the safety clip on, first and foremost. You put the safety clip on, so just in case you have a tendency to fall back or fall too far off, or you seem like you're in danger, this is what happens: it activates the machine to stop to secure your safety. Now, I'm going to start the machine again. Another problem that people have is that they'll go way too fast. So again, for the starting point, is usually the ending point. If you feel like the treadmill is going way too fast, put your hands on each side, step on the sides and slowly bring the treadmill to a stop and you'll avoid any damage or any slips, nasty slips and falls. What you also want to be aware of is the sweat factor. If you're sweating on the treadmill and it falls into the tracks, that's also risky, so maybe keep a towel by your side, or even be cautious about water 'cause you just want to make sure you're ensuring your safety so you don't fall or you minimize the risk of being hurt.