Video transcription

I'm Jonathon Ayers with Network for Success and today we are going to talk about "What is computer memory?" Computer memory, that's a great subject because there are so many different types of memory that your computer actually has. What's the most common one that we all think about? I guess we all think about storage space. We've got thousands of photos, where are we going to put them, let's put them into memory. What type of memory is that? Most likely a hard drive and today we have hard drives that have just gotten huge in size; 320 gigabytes, 500 gigabytes, a terabyte. These are huge numbers you could store a hundred-thousand photographs on a hard drive of that size and that's what we think about when we think about computer memory. We think about hard drives. But let's talk about other types of memory. We also have what's known as random access memory or RAM memory. This memory is used for all of the actions that you do when you are one the computer working. Whether you are surfing on the internet, writing a Word document, using a program to draw pictures, whatever it is that you are doing. You can even be editing photos. This random access memory allows you to perform these functions repetitively very very quickly by having the memory take the instructions in and out very very quickly. Where as a hard drive is actually slower. Now another type of memory that we have on a computer is called video memory. This is memory that is specifically used for video display. So when you want to show pictures, your computer is going to have to perform certain functions in order to get that picture displayed. Now if you use the computer for that it could be slower that if you have a separate dedicated card that had it's own memory and you could put these instructions into that memory and then when you asked for the photo to come up that card would separately take care of that activity very very quickly and display that photograph for you. So there are a couple of different types of memory in computers that computers use and all of them have their specific function but the one that we are most familiar with is the hard drive memory.