Video transcription

Hi, I'm Harvey Kronberg. I'm joined by my wife Michele. We own Austin Flag and Flagpole here in Austin, Texas and we're occasionally asked, how do you raise a flag. A simple question, but we're going to go ahead and demonstrate how it's done. Let's presume that you're taking a new flag out of the box. You start...the first thing you do is take the grommet, which is the brass ring on the blue field, and you attach that. This is called a snap hook. You attach it to the snap hook. You go ahead and pull it. Try and keep the flag from touching the ground. Let it unfrill until you get to the bottom snap hook. You attach the bottom snap hook. Everything should be taught and then you start to slowly elevate, raise the flag. Try and hold both ends of the rope so that it doesn't get away from you and you slowly raise it to the top, and then it's sometimes good to let it come back maybe two or three inches so that's it's...the snap hook is not abrasing against the pulley at the top. Just a little bit, and then the most common way to tie off your halyard to your cleat is simply do a figure eight and then wrap it around and that's how you raise the flag.