Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Venveen and in this section and in this section we are going to talk about how to repel squirrels. Squirrels are such cute little animals and they are fun to watch and over the summer I watched them in my sprinklers all summer long. I though that if I put sprinklers out and hosed them down where they were digging up my bulbs that it would help. But in the end it didn't. It was like a big party and they love the sprinklers and they'll run through the sprinklers, they love to get wet. So trying to repel squirrels with water really doesn't work well. Let me tell you from experience. The only trick that has worked really well is putting cinnamon, cayenne pepper, or hot red chili peppers above where the areas where they are digging or near their house or around the base of the trees where you don't want them to hang out at. This is cinnamon. By sprinkling a bunch of cinnamon or cayenne pepper or red hot chili pepper around the areas where the squirrels are the biggest problem it'll stop them from hanging out in that area. They don't like the smell of spices. They don't like the smell of curry powder or anything like red hot chili pepper because it burns their feet a bit and they don't like the smell. I've decided that I am going to live with them but I am going to set boundaries for them. I don't mind if they hang out in the trees between the neighbors and my house. I just don't want them in my flower beds with my flower bulbs. By sprinkling quite a bit of cinnamon or cayenne pepper in the area, I have found that they don't hang out in this area specifically at all and they are not a problem in my life.