Video transcription

Hello my name is Tom Brintzenhofe a certified master mechanic out of Reading, PA. Today we're going to talk about how to shut off a car alarm that won't quit. There's two different kinds of alarms you have, you have a factory alarm that's been pre installed at the factory line when they made the vehicle; second one was put in after market at your local repair shop, stereo installation shop. The easiest way and the quickest way to disarm an alarm that's just annoying as hell, is take your negative battery terminal; you'll need a wrench to loosen up, I've already done that ahead of time, and take it off. A lot of these after market alarms have a backup battery, it'll still go off for probably about 5 or 6 minutes maybe even longer depending on the capacity of the backup battery. The other option you have if that's the case on your certain vehicle is to find out where that speaker is; it usually mounts somewhere under the hood. Just find it, we'll say it will be mounted somewhere in this general facility, and you would just take the connector and unplug it an the alarm will still be going off your lights will still be flashing but at least you want have to listen to that annoying noise. Either way it's going to have to be taken somewhere where they can diagnose what's wrong with the alarm. If it's factory alarm it would have to go back to the dealership anyway to have them reprogram it once they figure out what the problem was. After market alarm, I would suggest finding out who installed it then taking it back to them. Chances are it'll probably have to be towed, because when alarms go off they disengage the ignition system so you won't be able to start the vehicle. But noise wise get rid of that annoying alarm: disconnect your negative battery post, then if it's still going off find your speaker, unplug it, call AAA have them come get it and take it back where they put it in.