Video transcription

Hi, I'm Todd Amazeen. I've been an internet business consultant, for fifteen years. I'm going to show you how to download songs onto an iPod Nano. iTunes and iPod are both registered trademarks of the Apple Corporation, a company with which I have no affiliation. Open iTunes by double clicking on the icon, on your desktop. Connect your iPod Nano, using the USB Cable provided. When you first connect your iPod Nano, you'll see a screen similar to this. You'll be asked to name your iPod, and you'll see a box, to automatically sync songs to your iPod. Now, an iPod, typically has four or eight gigabytes worth of memory, and some folks like me, have more than that, in their iTunes account, so what we're going to do, is we're going to uncheck that box by clicking on it, and then click on Done. Now, you see on the left hand side under devices, there's my iPod Nano. Now, because we are managing the music manually, in order to copy music over to your iPod, you click on music in your library. Select a track or tracks, and then drag it over, into your iPod Nano, and let go, and you'll see that your song will be copied, over to your iPod. You've just learned how to download songs, onto an iPod Nano. I'm Todd Amazeen.