Video transcription

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews and today I'm going to explain to you where cache files are stored. Let's go to our computer and if I open up Microsoft Internet Explorer, it downloads and displays for me a web page inside of here. Now when it downloads this page, it saves it to my local hard drive in what's called a cache. I'm going to explain to you how we can find where those cache files are stored. Close this, let's open up My Computer. Now there's one thing we have to do before we can navigate to the cache. We have to turn on the capability of seeing hidden files. To do that, hold down the ALT key on your keyboard and press T. That brings up the tools options. From here, we're going to go to Folder Options, let's select the View Tab and find that down here if you scroll down where it says Hidden Files and Folders, you can either do not show them or you can show hidden files and folders. We want to turn that on where we show hidden files and folders. Now, let's find our cache files. Just go to your C drive and we're going to want to go down to the Users folder. Now find the user who's cache we'd like to see. I'm just going to use Dave. From here we want to go into this AppData folder. Now see how it's kind of grayed out here a little bit? That's because that AppData folder is hidden and we wouldn't be able to see it if we hadn't turned that on. I'm just going to go into this Local folder here and as you can see, there's a folder called Microsoft and then here's our last folder called Internet Explorer. Now here's where all of your cache files and data are going to be stored is within this LocalMicrosoftInternet Explorer folder. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just explained to you where the cache files are stored.