Video transcription

You become a receptionist by pretty much looking it up on to see who's hiring, email in a resume, or walk in and hand in a resume in person. Often times that way you might get an interview right there on the spot. It sets you apart from the other candidates. If you don't, it still sets you apart by hand delivering it. If you can, just because they've seen your face, they know who you are. They remember when they see a resume, oh yeah, they came in. I know out there that they are having Associate Degrees at some colleges for secretarial or receptionist positions. They give you a degree for it. I personally think that's kind of a waste of time, to pay somebody to get the experience you could be getting paid to gain. I never had to really go to school and get a degree for anything. I just started out working with my mother in a law office. She was a legal secretary. I was sort of the office assistant for one summer. Came up to Utah for school, walked into an office that was hiring, handed in my resume. And I didn't even really get the job because of any experience that I had necessarily in the field. I got the job because they needed somebody that could produce a bi-weekly newsletter. Two different bi-weekly newsletters for some of their employees that new how to work Adobe PageMaker. Which incidentally I had learned how to use when I was the editor in chief of my high school newspaper. So it had absolutely nothing to do with any experience I had gained in the field. It was just my computer savvy. My software experience. And then also Microsoft Office is one of the absolute staples of being in this position. You have to know how to use Outlook, Microsoft Word, Power Point. Excel is a big one. If you don't know how to use these programs, there's a lot of websites online that do free little video intros. Show you how to do them. As well as Microsoft is really great about putting a help feature in there. And you can just go in there and just find anything you don't know how to use. But becoming at least semi proficient with those programs is definitely imperative to do this job. It's one of the skills that will absolutely will be required in almost any position. So, you really don't need any sort of an education to step into a secretarial, receptionist type position. Its not necessary to gain the position. A phrase I've heard a lot is that experience trumps over education. Most of the experience you are going to need, you are going to gain actually doing the position hands on. Doing the work. More than learning about what you are going to be doing. If you want to advance into a higher position out of a secretarial type position, you will probably need an education. So it's really a good idea to work towards some sort of a degree while you are in the position. But it's not imperative that you have that degree to gain the position.