Video transcription

Today, we are going over the Maui alphabet and we are also counting from one to a million. Now, we've already gone through one through twenty-five. Now, after that, from twenty six to ninety-nine, you just do like if it's forty-five, four five, forty-five or forty-six or ninety-nine. Now, you know if your doing one hundred, you don't want to go, one zero zero or a hundred and fifteen, one hundred-fifteen. You don't want to do that, now to say a hundred like one hundred and twelve, that's hundred. So, one,hundred one-hundred looks like that. Kind of like a c and e somewhere in between there, just bring it back. You don't need to turn it. One-hundred, two-hundred, six-hundred. Now let's say you want to say a hundred and twenty-five. One-hundred, and just do the twenty five, you already know that, twenty five. One-hundred-twenty five or one-hundred and thirty-six, one-hundred, thirty six. Real easy.