Video transcription

And today we're learning easy basic things to say to a deaf person in their language. Now, we've introduced ourselves, we've told them our name, where we live, what we do for work, whatever. Now, when your talking to them, you're learning the language, they're happy about that. Now if you don't know how to say something, don't just not say it. Ask them, how do you sign this? So I'm going to teach you how to say, how do you sign, whatever word you're trying to say. How do you sign is two simple words, signs. How, sign. How, you sign. Now if you want to say how do you sign Utah, how do you say that? How, sign, Utah. Just finger spell it. Finger spell whatever word you're trying to say. But you want to learn how to say it. How do you sign, Utah? They will be happy to tell you and if you're trying to learn their language be patient, they'll teach you. Utah, Utah. Ok?