Video transcription

These little spinning tops can be a lot of fun. From a couple of scrap pieces of wood and a little magic marker here you can have a great little project. Some of the projects I want to show you are this is a duck call made on the lathe. We have got pens, a lot of fun, just about everybody needs one of these as well as to have a lot of fun with them. There are tons of styles out there. Another popular project is the pepper mill. This one is a turn with the body and then we put a little band in here, a little accent piece of wood, a very useful item, a little pepper grinder. This is a twig pot. Now this twig pot was just made from a 4 X 4 that we have turned out of that and you can put some little dried flowers in there, a lot of fun. Now here's a little project that was actually a piece of firewood that we have cut and we have put a frog in here for some flower arrangements on that. A little wooden goblet and of course probably everybody's favorite is a bowl. Now the next thing we are going to do is we are going to show you some of the wood that you can find out there in the world and trust me there's a lot of wood to find.