Video transcription

Hi, I'm James with JNC Home Repair. Today, I'm going to show you how to fix a fill valve inside a toilet tank. OK, some common tools that you're going to need for this job. You're going to need a basic crescent wrench. You're going to need a pair of channel locks. And, you're going to need some Teflon tape. OK? The first step in this process, is you want to remove your toilet tank lid. OK? Get that out of your way, so you can access the fill valve. The fill valve is located right here in the tank, on the left hand side. Your next step is, you, you want to shut off your water supply to the toilet. OK. This is very important, because when you remove the supply line, if you don't have the water shut off to the toilet, than you're going to have water spraying out everywhere, OK? So, you want to make sure you shut the water off to the toilet. OK? Usually the valve is located, this particular model, it's located, it's coming up through the floor, but most of the time, it's mounted on the wall, directly behind the toilet. OK. You shut that valve off, and you, next step is to remove the supply line from the bottom of the fuel valve. The fuel valve is, has a threaded end that goes down through the bottom of the toilet, and mounts to the supply line. You want to remove the supply line from this threaded end on the fuel valve, and once that supply line is out the way, there'll be a little, plastic washer, nut type thing that's, that's holding the actual fuel valve inside the toilet. OK? This is basically what it looks like. This is what's the fuel valve inside the toilet. OK. Once you unscrew this thing, it's usually supposed to be hand tight, but you may need a pair of channel locks to get it off. Because sometimes they tighten them up a just a little too tight, or it starts corroding, and you can't get it off, so it's good to have a pair of channel locks handy. OK. Once you, once you remove the little nut from the fuel valve, the fuel valve will lift right out of the tank, and the installation is reverse of the removal. You just put your new fuel valve back in, put your nut back on, make sure that the rubber washers are sealed on both sides, connect your supply line back to the fuel valve, shut your water back on, make sure you adjust your water level on the fuel valve to the line that's in the back of the tank. And, you're good to go from there. Put your "tan", put your lid back on, and, if you've got any more questions concerning this type of repair, you can contact me at