Video transcription

Okay, so let's talk about how to grow a lavender plant successfully. Lavender needs three or four things to thrive. The first thing is full sun and what that means is you need to give your lavender plant at least six to eight hours of full sun for it to grow. So, if you have an area in your yard that has full sun, make sure that you put it there and not in a shady area. So another thing that is very important to growing a successful lavender plant is watering. With lavender, they are indigenous to th Mediterranean so you want to make sure when you water lavender that you give it a good soak and then you let it go dry. Give it a good soak and then let it go dry. Some people make the mistake of watering a lavender plant the same as you would water other plants in your yard and lavender really doesn't like wet feet. So, the third thing that's important in growing a lavender plant is making sure it has enough room to grow. Since there are so many different species of lavender, you want to make sure that you look on the tag and see how big the lavender plant is going to get. Some lavenders are smaller and they only get to be eighteen to twenty inches where as some get very big. So, you want to make sure that the ones that are larger are going to have room to get really big. Lavender gets full-grown in year three. So, by year three some of your lavender plants are going to be three feet wide. I always recommend with Augusta Foliage, you plant them at least thirty inches apart. With X Intermedia, you give them at least thirty six inches. Lavender, since it is indigenous to the Mediterranean, they thrive in poor rocky soil. However, it's really important that you make sure when you plant it initially that you make sure your ph is between 6.5 and 7. If your ph is high your fine. If you have a low ph you want to make sure you add a little bit of organic compost to the mix. Also, another thing that is good is dolomite lime and what that does is it raises the ph level a little bit and then lavender is going to grow fine. The most important in growing a lavender plant successfully is pruning your lavender. Some people love the blossums and they just don't want to cut them off which, of course, we all understand.But, it's really important, especially when the lavender plant is smaller that you give it a really good hair cut. What I mean by that is you want to look at the wood and you want to give it about two inches above the wood and just give it a nice hair cut. By year two your lavender plant is going to double in size so in the spring time and in the fall you give it a nice cut. What that does, it promotes that growth from down below and you're going to get a lot more flowers on your lavender. By year three your lavender gets two-thirds bigger than that. So if you give a proper pruning in September, usually once a year after that point, then again what that does is it keeps your lavender nice and tight and you're not going to get a really sprawly woody plant. If you don't do that, what happens is all the energy goes up to the top of the flower and your plant wood will get bigger and bigger and bigger. Then, unfortunately, once it gets really woody, you're just going to want to dig it out and replace it with another plant.