Video transcription

Hi I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb for On Gardening. One of my favorite plants of the tropics is that of the plumeria. Plumeria sometimes called the Frangipani . And why? Well it's a beautiful plant that has great looking flowers and one that you can have well 10 months out of the year. The plumeria has a great fragrance. I'm going to tell you it was named after Charles Plumer who was a botanist who went around the world looking for plants and animals and came across this delightful plant. It's sometimes called Frangipani also for a 16th century Italian family that used it to make a perfume. And after you smell it you'll understand why it was such a delicate beautiful perfume made from the plumeria. And you're going to want to have some. They also use this of course as the lei flower in Hawaii. And why? Well for friendship and for beauty. Yellows, pinks, reds, almost every color imaginable. And most of them have a delectable fragrance. Now it doesn't have any pollen and that means it's flowered, it's going to be pollinated at night by the sphinx moth. Typically most plants do have pollen. Not so with this plant. Makes a beautiful landscape plant. Make sure it gets about six hours of sun a day. Also of course it gets its flower on terminal growth. Nice dark 20 inch looking leaves. It's going to be one that looks like a sausage during the middle of winter but don't worry about that because it's going to come back. You can put it in your basement if you live in a frost area where you do get a lot of cold. It's going to come back even if you take a simple cutting and stick it in the ground. Plumerias are a wonderful plant in much of the country and it's one that I recommend to you. Plumerias. For On Gardening I'm Stan DeFreitas Mr. Green Thumb.