Video transcription

Okay, now that we've sauced the meat, we have to clean up our area and what we're going to do is, we're going to actually cook this a little more. What we call it here at Rib City is holding the meat. So how we do that is, we hold it in our Alto Shaam. But you can create your own Alto Shaam at home and the way to do that, an Alto Shaam what is does is, it's like a cooking oven but it has steam. So we keep a pan of steam in there, and it creates, so the meat won't dry out. But if you don't have an Alto Shaam at home, what you can do is, you can get some clear plastic wrap and you're just going to put it over really tight over your meat and then you would cover it with tin foil. And what that's going to do is create a vacuum here and keep everything nice and moist. So I will look for our foil wrap. And then what we do is, in the oven, we hold our Alto Shaam at 200 degrees. So at home what you could do is hold it at the same. Anywhere from 200 to 250 degrees. If it gets too hot, then you can bring it down to even about 175. And what it is going to do is, it is actually going to cook the meat a little more and get it ready for your sandwich but also if you have guests coming over, like we do through the whole lunchtime, it keeps it nice and hot and ready to go.