Video transcription

Just recently they made a big change in our our marketplace our the qualifications of building a mattress. All mattresses are fire retardant to an open flame for twenty minutes now. So this came about by a certain amount of people were dying in bed from you know smoking in bed so they made it this law that all mattresses have to be fire retardant to an open flame for twenty minutes. So just to give you some information. You'll find make sure that your mattress is fire retardant to an open flame by looking at the law label on the back of the mattress. And it will say that it's FR compliant. And so you want to make sure that if you're buying a bed that it's that in California that it does have that seal on the back of it. This is an example of a law label, and as you can see it says right here in the small right, "This mattress meets the requirements of the sixteen CFR part sixteen three three federal flame ability open flame act." So you can tell that this bed is made the way it's supposed to. And it is in requirement by government law.