Video transcription

Now that we've added our mass flowers you can see we've got a really cute little shape going. And it follows the lines of the container, it's nice and round and what we're going to do is now accent with form flowers. A form flower that we're using today is called alstroemeria and you can see this is very pretty and detailed. So this is a form flower, something that's really going to stand out, catch your attention, just really make a statement. So these are alstroemeria again and we're going to fill in the in between in the places where you really would notice the arrangement. We're going to add the first one right about here. Whoops, I'm sorry I need to cut that. First one here and we're going to again make a triangle, second one here, and the third one we're going to fill in here. And then we're just going to take our heather and just little bits of it and we're just going to fill in any little blank spaces that might need a pop of color. Put one in the center. These again will just add a nice little color and texture to the design. Whoops. And this is our teacup arrangement.