Cost of Partial Dentures

Video transcription

I'm Dr. Joe Neely and I practice with the Barton Oaks Dental Group. We're going to talk about what partial dentures costs. Pretty much any type of lab constructed prosthesis, the cost is broken down into whatever the cost is for the actual product plus the time it takes to gain the impressions and then fight the appliance and then continue to adjust the appliance for some period of time. If you have a very simple appliance that's plastic and maybe one front tooth, it would be four to six hundred dollars, probably would be a decent range for something like that. As the denture becomes more complicated, it's more likely to cost anywhere from one thousand to fourteen hundred dollars. You have the metal casting and metal arms that have to be adjusted. Then if you go to some type of snap appliance, you'll add another five hundred dollars to the cost of the denture, partial denture, in order to get rid of the outer arms. Then if you go to something that's an implanted supported denture, you have the cost of the implant, which can be anywhere from sixteen hundred to two thousand. The attachment, that is several hundred dollars and then the denture itself, which can be anywhere from eight hundred to twelve hundred dollars, on top of that.

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