Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tim Cole at Austin Reptile Service and I've been keeping reptiles amphibians for over forty years and we're here to talk about turtle diets. Most of your tortoises and box turtles are herbivores and they will feed on different salad mixes. So, we have a variety of leafy greens. We've got Kale, and carrots, and romaine, maybe a little bit of spinach, a little bit of cabbage, not too much. These are for tortoises. And, another thing that a lot of the tortoises are going to eat are different grasses. Now, of course, having native grasses outside is the best way to feed them but you have to do a back up to do a backup source in the house, this Bermuda grass works out very well for tortoises. And then for our water turtles, some of them will eat fish, but a lot of them will eat turtle pellets. This is one of the brands called ReptoMin. There's another brand called Missouri that works very good. Missouri makes aquatic foods, they make tortoise foods, and the Missouri brands are very good foods for turtles. A lot of your land turtles, like your box turtles will eat earthworms and crickets. So, you want to give them a variety. Do a lot of research on what your turtles eat and give them variety, don't just stick with one thing. But feeding turtles can be work.