Video transcription

Hi my name is Bob Linde. I am here to show you the next move in the 24 Yang Style Tai Chi set. I have actually been practicing Tai Chi for about 13 years now. So in the last move we finished the fair lady work shuttle and so our left hand was up and we are in a good Tai Chi step and our right hand was down as either a strike or a block. So the next move is called push needle to sea bottom and there is a number of variations but I'm just going to show you the way I learned it in the set. We half step forward, the hands come up, toe goes down, and we push the needle to the sea bottom. Our right hand is on the right side of our knee, our left hand is bent slightly, and on the left side of our knee. I am going to show you this facing the camera once so we finished with fair lady work shuttle, half step up, toe down, push needle to sea bottom and of course there is a great martial application with this one as well. So we'll take a moment to show you the martial applications of this so with this we come up, and then we step in and push needle to sea bottom. We have got a nice elbow lock we can actually control him quite easily with this. Thanks. So make sure you find a great Tai Chi instructor in your area and enjoy playing Tai Chi.