Video transcription

In this segment we're going to teach you how to grip a ball for a curveball. Now, Cody will demonstrate her type of curveball, which her movement starts in the middle of the plate and slides away. Now, in baseball we call it a slider, in softball it's a curveball, with the same type of movement, just going from side to side. The grip is with two fingers, on the two seams and what this does is when you let go of the ball at your waist, when you release it, you want to curve it around. And, that's what this seam does because it gives you the grip to curve it, like this. Gives you more of a top spin which causes the ball to slide from one point off the release of the pitcher, and ends up on normally to her left side of the plate. You also use this grip for a riseball, which you'll be seeing later in the video. And, that's how we grip a softball, curveball.