Video transcription

In this clip we will show how we measure. We do have tapes. Some are metal, some are string. It's just your choice. And we have to know which bowl is closest to the jack. So we use a measuring tape and we put one end on the jack and the other end on the bowl. And then we measure the other bowl that we think is in contention. And that bowl was closest, so that bowl gets the point. Now the next close ones are all brown, so my team would only get one point. And they're all gathered up and sent the other way and the same thing happens again. Sometimes we have to measure with a dollar bill. I have seen it done more than once. You place the dollar in between the bowl and the jack, if it moves. These are calipers, they are used, if they're too close to use the tape, we have calipers and if the calipers don't work, we use money if it slides through or if it stops.