Video transcription

In this clip, I will explain how I roll a bowl. First of all, this is a running edge. It's the only portion of the bowl that touches the ground, so I place my middle finger on the running edge. Then, I put the rest of my fingers comfortably against them. Turn it over, and straighten it, so that, you can't see, but there are dimples on the bowls, and I try to run them up the outside edges of my arms. Now, this has a little medallion, and a big medallion, so this bowl is always going to turn to the little side, and fall on the little side, so as I step on the mat, I have to look at my jack, and determine which way I'm going, so if I'm going four hand, I place my medallion here. I'm down. Now, the key is how far away from the jack to the right, on my forehand, do I have to aim this bowl, so that it will go out, turn in, and fall over to the jack?