Video transcription

Hi I'm Richard Skinner at Hawkins Corner Nursery and I'm going to tell you about how to prune your orange tree or orange tree pruning. Orange tree pruning is necessary for several reasons. Getting out the dead wood is one of them. But shaping the tree is another. As you can see this tree is sort of going every which direction. So if we wanted to change the attitude of some of these limbs we would simply find the place to snip and cut and by the way, you are not hurting the tree when you are pruning. If anything you are helping it because you see there was energy coming out here to maintain these leaves and these limbs, well they weren't going anywhere they were sort of going down. So if we take those off, then new little limbs will come up like this one here and will be headed towards the sun. So we are going to help the tree by letting it lose some of it's limbs that are requiring energy that it doesn't need to expend. Now commercially we do bad things to trees. We have big machines that prune. But really the way to prune is what I've been doing right here just simply taking a limb, lets see and shaping it. Cutting it back. When you get into real big limbs now you might want to use a little fine saw blade and then of course when you get into super big limbs you will have to use a regular chain saw. But hopefully you won't have to do that with your citrus tree. Orange trees, grapefruit trees, tangerine trees are all basically the same. This is Richard Skinner and I'm at Hawkins Corner Nursery in Plant City, Florida.