Video transcription

So have you ever wondered how much a partial cost? Well my name is Michelle and I'm a Dental Assistant with Solutionz and today we're going to talk about the different prices when it comes to purchasing a partial denture. You definitely, of course you want to check with your General Dentist or the different dentists in your area to kind of get good price comparisons 'cause it does vary between different offices, especially if it's a full upper, full, like upper partial denture which looks very similar to this or if it's just a for-replacement denture. The, of course, the more teeth that you're going to be replacing, of course, the more the cost is going to be. So usually, in all honesty, they start ranging anywhere starting around from $900 to, all the way up to possibly $2,000. So depending on the type of material and then also how many teeth that it's being replaced for. And if you need more stability or if you need bone place in order to hold the denture in, these are all factors that play into the reflection of the cost of a partial denture. So definitely, check with your General Dentist, therefore he'll be able to do an exam, an evaluation and be able to give you an exact price quote for the best denture that will work for you. Once again my name is Michelle and I'm a Dental Assistant with Solutionz and I just explained to you the cost of partial dentures.