Video transcription

Hi, we're going to do a tissue paper technique, now. You want to get your tissue paper, and you want to wad it up, and we're going to show you how to glaze the wall, to look like parchment paper, and I'm Lorna Campodonico, faux painter, and decorative artist, so you want to have your glaze ready, and we're going to take the tissue paper, and keep it in your hand, and we'll just put the glaze on with a roller, and make sure you offload. Cover everything, because it's drippy and messy, and once again, we're just going to roll the glaze on the wall, and the tissue paper, it's used to create the look of parchment, so we're going to take and just kind of move it around. It's similar to sponging, but it really gives you a lot of texture, and you just move it, a little bit like a sponge, but it's a little more rough, and just keep moving the paint, and moving it. Now, with this, you want to finish it again. You want to just take the brush, and just softly go over, so you can still see, create sort of a parchment effect there, and just smooth over it, so you leave some of the movement underneath. Now, if you smooth it out and you lose some movement, just go back over it, and if you like the effect of the strong tissue marks, you can leave that, but I always like to just sort of move it just a little bit, and you can see in there, how you get that softened technique, with that tissue paper. It's wet, so you have to keep going over it. As you let the glaze dry, it will show this pretty parchment color. There you see it, and that's how to tissue paper, and I'm Lorna Campodonico.