Video transcription

Tiles beautiful, stone, glazed, ceramic. I'm Robert Markey I've been doing construction and tile work for quite a while and I want to talk about the cost of tile installation. Now the easiest way to get the cost of tile installation is to call the guy who does it and have him come out and give you an estimate but let's assume that you want to do it yourself or you even want to get an idea of how much it would cost if you did so basically you want to know the square footage that you are laying the tile for whether it is floor or walls, shower or countertop, you calculate your square footage and you add about 5%. If it is a really bizaare shape with lots of angles you might even want to add 10% and if it's a square, 5% is probably plenty. Now the cost of the tiles themselves can go from two bucks a square foot to you name it 17, 20 bucks a square foot. So you take your area and then you may have different, you may have a shallow floor, you may have kitchen countertops, you may have all different kinds of tiles but you take the area of each one and you calculate the cost, your area plus 5% times the cost of that particular tile. Now that's your tile cost. Now to add to that you need to have the thing you are going to put the tile down on and if you need to do a substraight a cement board or an easy board substraight then you have to calculate that. If it is say, it is right on concrete you just use your thin set mortar so you figure out how many bags of thin set mortar you need and take that price. Once the tile is down with your thin set mortar then you have grout. There is sanded grout, unsanded grout, different colors, there is epoxy grout for shower floors so you want to again figure out the area that you have and then the tile store will tell you how much grout you need for that amount so then you have got your cost of your grout. Once the grout is in you have to seal the grout and you need some grout sealer. Again it comes in little bottles or big bottles depending on how big the job size is so you've got your grout sealer cost so tile, thin set, underlament if you need it, grout, grout sealer and that is the cost of your job.