Video transcription

Scroll saws, really really useful tool. This is the old style with the cord and they make lots of them now. I'm Robert Markey and I've been doing construction for many years. Scroll saw, we are going to talk about how to replace the scroll saw blade. Now the trick with that is almost every scroll saw has a different method of doing it. This one here has got a hex bolt, undo it and take then new blade that we want to put in and again we want to decide what kind of blade we want, a very fine blade, for fine cuts, maybe real narrow circles and you have got a less fine blade for a thicker piece of wood you could use that and you have got a heavy duty one that you are going to pretty much go straight through. Let's pop this one in and make sure that it is facing forward and it goes right in there, get it pretty much tight. The key with this kind of a scroll saw blade is that it is straight up and down, tighten it and we're good. With the other kind of scroll saws there is often something up here that twists and turns the blade and it pops out. I'm Robert Markey and we've been talking about scroll saw blades.