Video transcription

How to breed parakeets. Well the actual breeding of the parakeet is not difficult. You need two parakeets, you need one cage, they'll do most of the work for you. It's raising and rearing the young that can be very difficult and time consuming. Of course you never, if you are ever going to breed any animal, you need to make sure it's in top physical condition so make sure your parakeets get a visit to the vet, especially the female and she gets a full checkup to make sure that she's healthy and in good condition and can breed. So that's the first step. After that you need a large enough cage to hold two parakeets, you are going to need some sort of nest or nest box. Those are commercially available and then you are going to simply put them together and let them do what they do. The female parakeet is going to lay eggs in the clutches of two every two days until they have six eggs. And then those eggs will take eighteen days to hatch. Now once they've hatched generally, baby birds are taken away from their mother and hand reared by the bird breeder using hand rearing formula and you have to be there twenty four hours a day. These birds have to eat every five minutes or so when they are that young so you will be constantly, constantly feeding these birds, it's a lot of work raising any type of bird. So it's very important that you are willing to put that amount of work into it. Generally you don't allow the bird to raise the parakeet, the babies itself because the ideas is that if you raise them they'll become more akin to human beings and easier to keep and handle. So just make sure that you spend a lot of time thinking about breeding these animals before you start into it because they are a lot of work to breed. It takes a lot of care and a lot of knowledge and a lot of delicate, delicate tools and equipment.