Video transcription

Lets talk about cropping a dog's ear. The AVMA or American Veterinarian Medical Association's stance on ear cropping is that it is not medically needed and is cosmetic only. Ear cropping is a big deal, it causes lots of pain, stress, there can be risk with blood loss. And anesthesia and again it is not medically needed and is cosmetic only for the owner's typically. And so talk to your veterinarian to have them counsel you as far as your cropping is concerned. The way it's done is basically to literary cut off a portion of the ear and over so that the margins and usually that takes several weeks to heal and again it can cause lots of pain and distress for the patient. And so not every veterinarian will ear crop the ears you know unless it is medically needed. The reason it sometimes it's medically needed would be for like ear tumors, large warts that will not heal, sever trauma to the ears such as, things such as like such as that. But again check with your veterinary clinic always first when it comes to ear cropping because it is a significant thing for an animal or dog to go through.