Video transcription

Hi. My name is Sandy. I'm with The Maids Home Services. And I wanted to talk to you about how to clean soap scum from shower doors and bathroom tile and tub areas. They are generally, you'll treat them the same. What you want to do is make sure that your surface, wherever you're going to clean your soap scum, make sure that it's dry. And then you'll make sure that you have a scrub pad. It's a blue 3M Scotch pad you can buy at your local grocery store. Make sure that it's dry. There's no need to pre-treat with a bunch of products. Just pick an area. I like to choose the worst one. And dry pad, dry area where the soap scum is. Make sure that you just start scrubbing. It's actually just scraping away the soap scum that powders up. So you just want to start scrubbing it off. You can see the walls where it turns light again. Same for the shower or the tub area. You may have to change your scrubbing strokes on this tub area. It works better going up and down. Once you've gotten all of your scrubbing done and you've scraped away all the soap scum, you want to just take some all-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner. It really just has to be all-purpose, because you're just rinsing the surface. And just giving it a good wipe. You can use your hand to feel the surface. It's really nice and smooth. And that will let you know that all your soap scum is off. You can scratch at it. If there's anything under your nails, it's still there. Then you would just redo the area the same way, using your scrub pad and then rinsing. And that's how you clean soap scum off of your bathroom walls and shower doors.