Video transcription

Hi my name is Sandy and I'm with the Maids Home Services I'm going to help you clean mildew effectively. You want to start to make sure that the mildew is where ever it's at in your bathroom, your shower wall, tub or shower door, that that area is dry. Once the area you know that it's dry, you want to make sure that you use a chlorinated cleaner like a bleach cleaner for mildew stains. And you'll want to pre-treat the area, spray it directly on the mildew. You'll want the cleaner to pre-treat for a little bit at least five, two to five minutes. And you can kind of look at it and gage on how it's going. And you start seeing things disappearing, obviously it's working. After your pre-treating time you are going to use a grout brush cause you want to get inside the grout lines and corners. This is really good cause it has a little head that reaches everywhere. If you don't have one of these you can use an old toothbrush as well. And then you'll just begin to clean inside the grout lines just going over all your squared areas where ever you see the mildew. And I always try to section myself from top to bottom so I don't forget an area. Once you've gotten all of your areas done with a grout brush and you are happy with the way it looks you want to take a clean cotton cloth and wipe the area down and then starting where you started to begin scrubbing, straight overlapping strokes and ensure that it's all off. Check it if all of the mildew is off you can give it a good rinse off, rinsing your cloth and going back over. If not the mildew if there's any left, feel free to try to pre-treat it again and repeat the same steps. Usually the really tough mildew will come out. If there is old caulk you may need to have the caulk removed and apply fresh caulking. And your handy man can help you with that. But it will definitely come out of the grout lines. And that's how you'll remove mildew.