Video transcription

My name is Sandy and I'm with the Maids Home Services and I wanted to talk to you about how to clean a dishwasher. Before we get started on the front I usually open it up and just catch this inner, this top lip part. It never quite makes it into the dishwasher during the wash cycles and you'll just want to pretreat this with a degreaser and you can close that and then here on the front we are going to be concentrating on these areas here underneath this little lip here and then down here to make sure you have a good grout brush or a toothbrush to use and I usually go ahead and spray these areas. Make sure you pretreat from the bottom up on these surfaces and it will make your cleaning time a lot easier. I usually go ahead with the ledges and corners with the grout brush making sure to get inside this inner lip and once you have done the front you can definitely start working on the inside here getting along the edges and the cracks. You can use the scrubber on definitely areas that are plastic but on the facing part you want to be careful because certain grains of scrubbies can cause scratches on plastic so what we are going to do is just go over it on the edges just to make sure we got all the gunk off insuring that we are not scrubbing the plastic face. You can take your cloth and go on ahead and just spray down because you want to go on and just start getting all the junk wiped out. Remember squaring your corners. I always try to work top to bottom so go on and open up the lip here and clean here and get inside here. You may have to turn your cloth over when that gets too dirty. Just use straight overlapping strokes, push the cloth in there and that will help get that inner lip. Once you have removed all the degreaser, the cleaner will then be safe to use a clean dry cloth for polishing up the front of the dishwasher glass cleaner. Go on ahead and use straight overlapping strokes and get that on and rinsed, it kind of rinses it as well. I fold it and use the dry side of the cloth and this is kind of the buff and dry process here, getting that glass cleaner worked in. On these kind of areas if you just blow as you dry, it helps remove a lot of the strokes and dries the surface area faster. That's how you would clean a dishwasher.