Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about what is the best product to kill roaches. Now if you live in a warmer climate you know what roaches are, what they are and how much damage they can do. And there's nothing like sitting in a beautiful resort in Fiji and having a nice curry dinner and watching cockroaches go up and down the wall. And it's just disgusting. And so when you live in a climate where we don't have a lot of roaches and you go to a climate where there's a lot of roaches it's quite a shock. And they are pretty scary. And the fact that I just watched a special where they had taken a boat off of the ocean floor that had been under water for a hundred years and there were still roaches all over the inside of the boat. They had survived for a hundred years with little to hardly any oxygen at all on that boat. So when you are trying to get rid of roaches, I always say to use oil or use any kind of spices but with roaches it doesn't work that well. So in the end they are finding that the only product that works really well is rubbing alcohol. So just put some rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. And just spray the roaches and it burns them and it kills them instantly and a lot of people say even using tequila works like that sometimes too. But you don't want to waste your tequila, you want to save it for yourself. So use a rubbing alcohol, just get any brand put it in a spray bottle maybe dilute it a little bit, and spray it everywhere that you see the cockroaches. And a lot of people swear by vinegar too, so if you keep your area clean, so if you constantly wash your floors and you spray it down with a little bit of rubbing alcohol you'll find that you won't have near the cockroaches and that you can actually defeat them and you can win.