Video transcription

Hi, I'm Richard Goms. We're here in Salt Lake City, Utah. We're talking about how to find someone's birth date. There area a number of ways of doing this for both living and deceased persons. You could go on line to, you could put in whatever information you know about the person, it may bring up information such as their birth date. You could go on a number of different search engines, MySpace, Blogger, Facebook. You can then type in information to get to their profile, and find out their birth date from their profile. There is a website called You do need to be a classmate in order to get the information. You need to create your own profile and graduate from that same school in order to get the information on your classmates. Another way if you're looking for the birth date of a deceased person, there are a number of sources. There is the social security death index. There is the state in which they died or the state in which they were born. There is the newspaper announcements of their birth and of their death that might list their birth date. There's a variety of different ways of finding out a birth date of a deceased person.