Video transcription

Parrots talk actually trying to mimic you to get your attention. If they hear you saying certain things and people pay attention to you then they decide, well, maybe if I say something then I'll get your attention too. And they are very much like two year olds. Like I said, they want your attention at all times. They do understand. I've got this one and a couple more that when they leave their cage and so forth I can tell them, no, you have to go back home and they go right straight to their cage. They know exactly what is meant. A lot of people think that parrots just mimic sounds. But it's been proven here lately that, no, they understand and they know what they're saying. Some parrots are slower to learn to talk and that could be from many things, from their intelligence, from their environment or whatever. But I usually go to my birds when I want to teach them to talk, about the same time every morning and say the same phrase. I can say other phrases throughout the day. But then at the evening time I go back and use that same phrase again. This bird right here is learning to say pretty bird or pretty, pretty, pretty bird, because the more pretties he adds to it, he feels like he gets my attention a little faster. But he's very intelligent. This bird is about six months old and like I said this morning he said for the first time, love you. And that was the first time he's ever said that to me. But he does listen. As you can see, he's watching very closely what I'm saying and that I'm talking. Of course he thinks I'm talking just to him. But they're very affectionate and they will talk to get your attention. Also they don't have lips so some of their letters aren't pronounced exactly like we would, but some of them do quite well with that. Also you hear an adage that, to make a bird talk you have to split their tongue. This was believed back in what I'm hoping was olden days when they would try to teach crows to talk. Crows can talk without their tongues being split and without them being harmed in any way. And of course these babies never get their tongues split.