Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this section we are going to talk about how to repel rats. Rats are a problem because you let them become a problem. So by to repel rats you got to make sure to get rid of any of their food or home sources. So first of all the reason they are hanging out at your house is because they love garbage, they love the food. So by making sure that your garbage can is completely covered at all times and there's no break, that they can get in, that's the number one way to repel rats, cause if they don't have food, you won't have rats. Next water, if you have standing water anywhere and the rats are coming in to drink it, two if you can cover that up or stop them from coming to the water in any way then that will repel them as well. Now rats love to live underneath your house or underneath a wood pile, or anywhere they can have protection. So make sure that all of your areas that are going underneath your house or anywhere that they can nest is covered. Make sure that you've got wood in front or a gate or some what, way to stop them from coming inside in anyway. And by removing all of these factors you will find that you won't have any rats. And if they're still a problem where you have a neighbor's area that you can't control you can always repel them by making a border. They don't like any kind of really strong spice, so you use cayenne pepper, Tabasco, red hot chili peppers, garlic, curry powder and you cover that bed or that area where they are coming into your area or your property then they won't cross it and they don't like spices so that's about the only thing that you can do to really repel them from your area. A lot of times different types of herbs, lavender plants or putting any type of oil along the tree, they don't a lot of times don't like to crawl up a tree if there's oil on it. So try to find out where they are at, and then to repel them stop them from coming in to that area. And that's really all that you can do. And if you are still having problems always contact your department of fish and wildlife and they might have some ideas for you as well.