Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment, we're going to talk about how to repel houseflies. So houseflies have been around as long as we have and they're going to be around for a lot longer probably and they have a purpose just like any other animal or insect in this world. So my theory is, set boundaries for them. So to repel your houseflies, don't let them in your house. So go through the house and find out where there any entryways. Put screens on every window and if you have a gap in your doorway, just put a piece of wood around your doorway so there's no gap. And if there's little holes into the house, just fill it with Elmer's Glue and that way there's no way for the houseflies to come in. So that's number one, make sure that you protect your home from the houseflies and you don't let them in in the first place. Once they're in the house, I still believe the old-fashioned method of just swatting them with a fly swatter. That's the most economical way that you can do it and environmentally the best way to do it. You can also put a strip of paper with honey and just hang that and they'll stick onto the honey, you can get rid of flies that way. And if you've got houseflies in your house, then there's lots of different herbs that work really well to ward against them too. If you have them in your kitchen too, they don't like the smell of different spices. So if you have sprinkle some cinnamon around or cayenne pepper or red hot chili pepper or garlic or any type of salt, that helps a lot. So a lot of times, this is creole seasoning that has cayenne pepper in it, that works too. So if you've got a lot of houseflies, just by sprinkling some around the food or on the counters, a lot of times that will repel them from the area. If there's a way to get into the house, the houseflies will find it, so there's really no way to repel the houseflies from the house until you address that issue. So using spices or killing them will only stop the ones that are in your house already, so the only way to repel the houseflies is to stop them from the outside coming in.