Video transcription

What do ballet dancers wear? Well, the truth is that could vary from studio to studio. In most classic ballet; however, you will find a ballet dancer in a black leotard, which is the body suit I have on today, classical pink tights, and pink ballet shoes. Now, in some studios it will be requested that a dancer not wear a skirt so that the teacher can see their hip alignment better. Some studios will allow a dancer to wear a small ballet skirt. It is also very important that in a ballet class dancers come in with clean, neat clothes on; no holes in your tights ladies, and their hair pulled back. Hair being pulled back is one of the most important things in a ballet class, as the fact is that with hair getting in your face it makes things such as turning and jumping very, very difficult, as well as distracting. A male dancer would wear dance tights that are of a thicker material, a T-shirt or tank top in a solid color, and usually, black ballet shoes. Men should also have their hair neatly cut so that it stays out of their eyes and face, and as always, male or female, your dance clothes should be clean and neat, and free of any holes or stains on them. Most importantly, regardless of where you dance and take ballet class you want to feel good about yourself and what you're in.