Video transcription

Ballet moves and movements. Ballet is one of the most diverse art forms out there. With thousands and thousands of different moves of dance steps. All of the ballet terminology is in French. It is important to know that ballet moves should be graceful yet strong at the same time. Again don't forget that ballet unlike any other dance form works from a turned out position from the hips. The entire body is working at the same time in a graceful flowing movement. One of the ballet steps I will demonstrate today is called an Arabesque. There are two ways to demonstrate this step. Starting in a turned out first position we will stretch the toe behind us, straight and elongated with the floor. With the toe on the floor this is called Arabesque Artairre. Artairre meaning on the floor as we lift the legs up to a higher straight position behind us this is called Arabesque Onlair. Onlair rhyming with air meaning leg in the air and Arabesque is one of just many many ballet movements that you will find in a ballet class.