Video transcription

Let's talk about how to tell male kittens from female kittens. This is more difficult than it sounds. And it's not terribly unusual for a kitten to come into a veterinary clinical exam room and actually leave with a different name, since they came in as a male and left as a female, 'cause the owners didn't know. It's all about distance. And, and what the shape looks like. Females, their vulva is about a centimeter down from the anus in kittens. It's a vertical slit. Males have about a two centimeter space between the anus and their preputial or penis, there, and that is a round shape. So again, it's all about distance. And if you're having trouble, especially with little kittens, take them to your veterinary clinic. They can help you, you know, and it's not as easy as it sounds, but if you can judge those distances and see if it's a round shape versus a vertical slit, you should be fine and able to tell which one you have.