Video transcription

It's great to have a repertoire of fast and easy hors d'oeuvres that you can make really quickly. Phyllo cups are the answer. I'm Karen Lasher, chef/owner of Around the Table in Camas, Washington. And I'm going to show you a few really quick and easy appetizers you can make with phyllo cups. Phyllo cups are made from phyllo dough. And they're already pre-formed. This is the box that they came in, and you'll find them in the freezer section of your grocery store. This is how they come. They're already pre-baked. So for cold appetizers, they're ready to go. I always keep some phyllo cups in my freezer for that last minute appetizer; somebody comes over, and I want to make something. So what you do is pull them from the freezer about 10 minutes before you want to serve them. If you'd like to, you can also heat them up in a 350-degree oven for just about five minutes, which will crisp them up if you need to use them faster and don't have time to let them thaw completely. With your phyllo cups, you can use a cold filling, since these are already baked, or you can use a hot filling that you're going to put in and then heat up and serve hot. For cold fillings, I've got two different suggestions here for you. The first one is a mixture of cream cheese, sun-dried tomato, and pesto that I've just mixed up together to form a nice spread. Mix that all together and you get that flavor of the sun-dried tomato, the pesto, and the cream cheese. And then you're just going to; and if you want to be really fancy, you can put this in a pastry bag, and then pipe it in, and so it's in a nice sort of star pattern. But very simply, you can just put it in your phyllo cup. And again, keep in mind that this is a bite-size appetizer. This is not something that you want; so the amount of filling should be something that a person can get in one bite. So I'm not going to fill it full. So there you have that nice, little, how easy was that? I'm just going to put that on a tray and serve that right up. The other cold appetizer is a little more of a dessert appetizer. And this is a mixture of lemon curd; which you can buy pre-made lemon curd in the grocery store; and whipped cream that I've mixed together and made into a mixture that I'm going to make a little, easy lemon pie. You can put that there. And then you've got a nice, easy, more sweet. You can also sprinkle that with powdered sugar on the top, when you do your tray. You can sprinkle the whole tray with powdered sugar. Some hot fillings, some suggestions- Brie cheese is a wonderful item to have for a lot of different things. So I do a lot of appetizers with Brie. What I have here is, this is one that I actually made, but you can use any really good preserve that you find in the store. This is a honey pear preserve that I had made earlier. And I'm going to use that as the base. So I'm going to put my pear preserves, but again, you can find some great preserves in a grocery store. And particularly, if you shop a real high end grocery store, you can find some things that are just absolutely to die for. So this has, and you want to get, again, not too much. You want people to be able to bite that. And then, what we're going to do is just top that with Brie. These are only going to have to bake for about five minutes. We just want that preserves to get a little warm, and our Brie cheese is going to melt on there nicely. The last one I have is just a pulled pork. And what I have here is some pulled pork that I've mixed wit ha barbecue sauce. And in this case, I used a raspberry chipotle barbecue sauce that I purchased. And I'm just going to mix that up, but you can use any barbecue sauce that you want to. And I'm going to take my pulled pork, and I am going to then just mix it all together. I'm going to have to use my hands here to get it all nice and good. And then, again, I'm just going to put a little bit in there, just enough for a nice little bite-size service for somebody. I'm going to put that in there and heat that up. Again, that might take a little more like 8 minutes. You want your pork to get really nice and hot when you serve that. So it might take a little bit longer. The beautiful thing about these phyllo cups is phyllo is something that people, a lot of times, are very intimidated by using; and feel like oh dear, I can't do that. This makes using phyllo very good. It's light. It's crispy. And It's wonderful. If you want some other ideas, things right here on the back of the box are a whole list of ideas that you could use for fillings for your phyllo cups. So again, keep some phyllo cups in your freezer, and always be ready for that last minute entertaining need.