Video transcription

Hi my name is Lauren and today I'm here to discuss haircuts for thick curly hair. The curlier your hair is, the longer in length you maybe want to keep on your hair. The longer your length is, the more weight it has in order to weigh your curl down. If you have a very kinky curl, you pretty much have two options when it comes to haircuts. You can either keep it very long and add some layers in order to remove bulk or you can make it very short. Anything bob length, unless your straightening your hair everyday can tend to look triangular. A good way for stylist and even for yourself to actually go through and texturize your hair would be to actually pick your hair up with its curl, turn your hair and then use one of your scissors; you're actually with the curl. So you're going to cut into your little cylinder here of your hair; but you're going to use your natural curl in order to form. You're going to cut into it and then comb it out. You want to be careful also with thick curly hair, that you've really want to keep your concentration on the ends. All of your texturizing should be done on the ends. Anything too close to the root and you may wind up going out rather they're in down. If you'd like to soften your hair, you soften it more towards the ends of your hair shaft, rather than towards the root and just keep your length and keep some weight. You can speak with your stylist and discuss the proper hairstyle for your face shape and which will compliments you best. And that is stylist for curly hair.