Video transcription

Hi, I'm Tim Gipson. I'm going to talk to you about snap laminate flooring. Now, we've come a long way in the, in the laminate flooring today. As you can see here, this wood finish, it looks like individual planks, looks just like a finished hard wood floor. But actually, this is a snap together laminate floor. So it's a flooring that's about quarter of an inch to three eights inches thick. It's made up of a, of a plywood with a prefinish, this cherry prefinish on the top. And what makes it a snap together is that it has a tab and a groove that when you put the boards together, it locks together so that it gives you a very tight seam. Now, one thing that's nice about the snap together floor, like in this application, is we've got a foam moisture barrier that's over the concrete, and then we snap together the floor and lay it over this, and the floor actually floats, so it doesn't have to be glued down, does not have to be nailed down. And if you ever have to make any changes, like repairs, that's a great benefit, because this is very easy to take up. But with the floors snapping together and the weight of the floor, it holds it in place. Now again, the old laminate floors, a lot of them used to be, you know, wide planks with a slat look in to them, but then you have these big seam along the way. But now, with a lot of this snap together floors, as you can see, this is like a regular three and a half inch plank, it's got varied lengths, so it goes down and it looks exactly like a hard wood floor. And, with a snap together, it is something that is a great do-it-yourself project. You can pick this up at a lot of discount flooring stores, and we get the right measurements and with a little bit of practice, it is something that you can put in on your own. So, I'm Tim Gipson talking about snap together laminate flooring.