Video transcription

Hi, my name is Colin Kilbane and I'm going to show you how to make slime or flubber. Okay. Now this is a chemical reaction here and so on one side, we've got Elmer's glue; this is watered down just a little bit and I've added about a tablespoon of Listerine into this to give it a nice texture. Now you can get Listerine at a drugstore. Now on this side, I've got borax in water. Now a good solution of borax; heat up the water to about hot tap water and keep on putting on borax and stirring until you see it piling up in the bottom and you can't dissolve anymore borax in there. Then you have what we call saturated solution. Now what's going to happen here is that, I'm going to pour the borax in here and this is going to cross link the molecules in the Elmer's glue and we're going to from a liquid to slime or flubber. You don't have any good slime unless you've got a little bit of green, so I'm going to pour a little bit of green in and I'm going to stir it up so you got a nice green color. Alright. Now I'm going to slowly add my borax. You don't need a lot of this stuff. As you can see, it's starting to cross link. Add a little more. Scrape it out, here we go. You can take it out and we can work it. Now it's still a little tacky, so we're going to add more a little bit more borax. But you don't want to let this stuff escape on the carpet; it will sink right into the carpet, it will be very difficult to get out 'cause remember it's base on, on glue. So, and that is how to make flubber or slime with common household ingredients.