Video transcription

Hello, my name is Audrey Parramore and I'm with the, and I'm here to show you a how-to beading tutorial. One of my favorite beading tutorials that I'm - goes a long way with any beginner beader and of course advanced beader too is how to actually do a crimp bead. I have a crimp bead here that I would like to show you. It's one of the most important crucial aspects of beading, okay. So basically I put tape here for the purpose to show you how I'm going to do this crimp bead. I'm adding a toggle and I take the wire through the toggle. Now, I'm going to run the wire right back through the crimp bead and of course for extra added security, I always run it back through a few beads, okay. I take your needlenose pliers, I give it a very good mash to flatten it as you can see. Then I take our famous handy crimping tool, I put it in a second hole of the crimping tool first, the one closest to the inside of my hand and I give it another good solid mash. I turn it straight up and down and I actually put it in the first crimping tool, first piece, straight up and down. Give it a good mash. And there we go. A perfect crimp. Thank you, happy beading with Audrey Parramore at