Video transcription

Hi I'm Jim Harmon, California Pest Management. We're here, believe it or not, poolside to put together a quick and dirty little chipmunk trap. This is an old style trap, it's very easy to put together and I'll tell you one thing, if you've got chipmunks running around your backyard driving you nuts, turning over all your freshly planted bulbs and other plants, destroying your garden, remember they love seeds. They just go nuts over seeds so first thing you got to do is clean up as much as possible so they're food is very limited. Then we're going to use some pumpkin seeds here. First take a gallon bucket, you can take anything but usually a gallon bucket everyone's got one around. Dip it in then we're going to take our seeds, put a couple on the surface. They're going to float, don't worry they got air in them, but next put a little ramp to entice our little buddy to come on up and take a look. Take a couple of these seeds and you'll spread them on the ramp, I usually use a little bit of hot glue to put them in place and put a couple down at the base so he gets the idea, hey free food. They come in, they go for the seeds in the bucket, they can't get back out and they drown. Easy pest control and there's no way anyone can get hurt besides the chipmunks.