Video transcription

Okay, so if you can't get your hands on any actual professional record cleaner, you can make record cleaner. I learned this from just some of those like household how do you clean this kind of books and I did a little research when I was initially djing. I actually bought a box of a few hundred old soul 45's in horrible, as far as the cleanliness, very, very dirty. And using this worked pretty well, I took a lot off, it sounded a lot better, but later on when I bought real record cleaner and used it on them, it was just uncomparable, the professional stuff really works, but I'll show you how to make some. So you get a bucket, fill it with water, see, fill it with some water, you're going to want to use warm water. I wouldn't really say use hot, hot water, but definitely don't use cold water, warm water works the best and just some regular, just cleaning soap. I wouldn't say hand soap but the standard cleaning soap. Just a little bit, just throw it in, like a few drops, in fact that could even have been a lot, but that's not too much and you can use this stuff by just dabbing in with your medium and washing it on, but it's not going to work as well as the real record cleaner.