Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to learn all about how to grow the bellflower or Campanula. It is a beautiful plant for your garden. I just love it. So Campanulas are native to most of Europe even into Turkey so they are like a lot of other Mediterranean plants that can have warm temperatures and they can handle quite cold temperatures too and most varieties can go all the way down to zone 3 or 4 so they survive the Winters even in colder climates because they are found in the mountains all over Europe. Campaulas are useful for rockeries, boarders, wild gardens and hanging baskets and they all do best in a moderately rich moist, well drained soil. They drink lots of water but they like to dry out in between as well. They make great cut flowers. That's the best part of it and as soon as they are done blooming you just chop them down when they look tacky and sometimes they will just shoot up even more blooms. So you can start Campanula by seed in the Spring and they'll grow and bloom in the Summer time or you can take divisions any time of the year especially when they are not blooming and then in the Fall you just take some root and stem from another plant or you can get them in the nursery in the Spring already growing and you turn around and put them in the hot full sun with good drainage and they will come back for many years. They are a beautiful garden plant.